EXCLUSIVE: “The Last Jedi” Workprint Stolen and For Sale! PROOF INSIDE!


Ladies and fukbois, I have acquired the workprint of “Star Wars – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi” and am putting it up for bids starting at 1 MILLION Bitcoins! Or 27 MeowMeowBeenz… whichever is bigger.

Below is proof I have the actual workprint and you can trust me because these are clearly images taken from the workprint which I stole because I work at Lucasfilm and have security access and can just walk right out with it no questions asked and sure I am ruining my career for this and will of course get caught but doing it anyway because Bitcoins and MeowMeowBeenz and Internet cool points and Reddit and 4chan are life.


Here we go… start your bids because after you see this, you won’t believe your eyes!

Gigantic shoe in the middle of an ocean in “The Last Jedi”
Luke Skywalker has been found… inside the gap of a massive vagina! Whose? Bid & find out!

Bids close in a randomly generated amount of time and you will receive the workprint immediately upon the end of bids if you win. However, you must sign a contract promising to not share the contents of the workprint until November 22nd. Why and doesn’t that seem ironic when I’m breaking the contract I signed when I became an employee of LFL?  Well, little fella, you just lost your privileges and will no longer be able to bid. Nice job, stupid.


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