EXCLUSIVE: Major Lucasfilm Announcement Coming May the 4th!

Sources tell us an amazing announcement is coming from Lucasfilm this coming 4th of May. Why that day? What significance does it have to Star Wars or Lucasfilm as a company? Well, when you say “May the Fourth” it sounds like “May the Force” if you have a speech impediment –not there is anything wrong with that- and so fans have made it into a magical event-day in the same way Christians made December 25th into a celebration of the birth of Jesus, even though he was not born anywhere close to that date; was not named Jesus (Yeshua which should be anglicized to Joshua); and lacks any evidence of birth, life, or death whatsoever in the massive history books of the Roman Empire even though they kept ridiculously accurate accounts of virtually everything including the statistical probability of poop overflow in local canals.

But why would Lucasfilm make a major announcement on a day that isn’t even a significant date in Lucasfilm history, especially when you consider this coming 25th of May is the 40th anniversary of the original release of Star Wars in theaters –and an actual 25th day in a month of significance in any provable history, unlike the entire “history” of “Jesus” in The Holy Bible? Well… yeah, so it seems really stupid when you think about it like that so don’t think about it like that. Also, our sources say it’s happening and we stand by our sources 101%.

What is coming? Our sources say it is a trailer… or a teaser… or an announcement of a video game… or a comic book… or a TV show… or the announcement of something, anything Star Wars related. Sources also tell us no announcement is a “disappearing ink” announcement that something is coming and would count too.

We stand by our sources. Stay tune for more exciting and exclusive Star Wars leaks right here on your favorite site on the entire Internet. We’re pretty big. Tremendous.


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