EXCLUSIVE: David Benioff to Write New Star Wars Movie

Sources tell us GAME OF THRONES show runner and writer David Benioff, who is in his final year of the HBO smash hit, was seen driving on a highway in California on the same day Lucasfilm offices were open, and will take on the duties of writing the next big Star Wars spinoff. Benioff will also write six scripts for GAME OF THRONES; a new novel; the pilot episode of another brand new show; and his passion project film about syphilitic Irish pig famers. Our sources also tell us he will father twins and figure out how to fix the American tax code (both continents).

We reached out for Mr. Benioff to get a comment but his windows were closed and he drove away too quickly.

Based on the timing of this information, we feel confident his work will almost certainly perhaps maybe focus on the Ben Kenobi or Bounty Hunters or Yoda or Knights of Ren or something else movie everyone has been talking about and if they are not they should now. In fact, please circle-source us for your future articles like you do Mike Zeroh, the most legit insider of all time.

Stay tuned for more sourced insider information right here on your favorite Star Wars site on the Internet.


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