Anakin and Padme in “The Last Jedi”?

The security guard standing just off to the right of the main desk at Skywalker Ranch told us something interesting today. While walking past one of the offices, coming back from lunch –where she consumed a large plate of spaghetti smothered in Louisiana lobster sauce, with small pieces of prosciutto draped for flavor, and deep fried asparagus scattered in for crunch… and that perfect pee-stench- she overheard one of the janitors tell a tech working on a coffee machine that he heard from one of the cleaning crew that Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman were dating while working on the Star Wars prequels. Which actually explains a lot about those movies.

Anyway, so upon hearing this, the tech told the janitor he’d heard Natalie Portman was such a pain in the ass to some of the “little people” working around the set, they created a nickname for her: Queen B-Word –except instead of “B-Word” they used a word that starts with the letter B and ends in itch… and it wasn’t backstitch.

So, upon overhearing the story, a certain Lucasfilm employee had both workers fired for insubordination. However, while forcibly escorting the janitor and tech out, the security guard overheard an employee laughing about some “horseshit fake spoiler site” followed by a statement that if “they knew anything they’d know” both Anakin and Padme appear in “The Last Jedi” during one of Rey’s forceback visions.

You don’t get any more scoopy sourcy spoilery needlessly detaily than that, folks.


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