Regarding Making Star Wars and Time Travel

Since posting our article regarding Mike Zeroh‘s 100% legitimacy, we’ve received a mountain of emails from readers who are wondering “If Jason Ward from MakingStarWars has a time machine, why would he use it to steal scoops from Mike Zeroh? Why wouldn’t he just time travel to, say, 2025, and watch all the movies and read all the news from the future, then return to 2017 and report on that? Also, wouldn’t he have already played the winning numbers of every major lottery and become a billionaire, thereby no longer needing to run a Star Wars fan and spoiler site?”

These are dumb questions and make no sense. Please stop emailing us about them. Of course Mike Zeroh is 100% legit. Of course Jason Ward from MakingStarWars and the podcast Now This is Podcasting is a time traveling thief who hasn’t traveled far enough in the future to not need to steal from Mike Zeroh and hasn’t thought to make billions on the lottery. I can’t believe you people can’t see how obvious it is.

I love you all but you’re stupid and should die. Stay tuned for more scoops. Respectfully…


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