Perpetual Fibbers

I have this friend who likes to make plans with you, or ask you to do something for her, or call her back, who, like clockwork, will either cancel, tell you she doesn’t need you to help her anymore, or not answer when you call her back, then text you back saying she will call you but never does. This friend was always reliable and fun and, in the grand scheme of things, one of the best people to have in your life. But something happened to her that changed her and now she is highly unreliable… so much so that if she were to call right now and beg for someone to come rescue her from a burning fire, it would be likely she wouldn’t come to the window when a ladder was pushed up against the building. Yet, because I want to believe she’ll get better, and because she was once extremely reliable, I still look for the moment she’s exactly who she was, and will show up when she said she would.

But I am not sure if that will ever happen… and there comes a time when you have to stop believing in someone, or something, that is clearly just testing your resolve and willingness to be duped.

Having said that, our sources tell us that LUCASFILM WILL ANNOUNCE A BOUNTY HUNTERS MOVIE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! Or D23. Or after “The Last Jedi.” Or after “Han Solo.” Or some other time. We stand by our source. Stay tuned for more scoops.


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