Mike Zeroh is 100% Legit

I’ve been reading a lot on Reddit and Star Wars discussion forums about super secret insider Mike Zeroh and how he “makes stuff up” and how you “can’t trust anything he says” or how he “just reads MakingStarWars” or “listens to Now This is Podcasting” for any scoop he gets right, then passes it off as his own without ever referencing the original source.

Let me assure all of our loyal readers that Mike Zeroh is 100% legit and that it is MakingStarWars and their podcast Now This is Podcasting that are the fakers! Now, I know what you are going to say… “but MSW and their podcast, NTiP, had the scoops first! Mike Zeroh reported on them AFTER them, so they clearly had the scoop first and he stole it and never credited them.” To that I say HAH! You pathetic losers. Clearly MSW and their podcast Now This is Podcasting, and their owner/operator Jason Ward, are TIME TRAVELERS who go into the future, steal Mike Zeroh‘s scoops, and then travel back to our present and report on them.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t believe the hype. Mike Zeroh is 100% real. Though, we’re 101% real so we’re technically 1% realer. Stay tuned for more scoops right here. Or at our cousin site, StarWarsNewsNet.


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