Ewan McGregor says Kenobi movie not in works…

Recently, we posted an article that a source told us 9 Kenobi movies were going to be announced at Star Wars Celebration and we stand by that source even if that makes no sense —it makes sense because admitting we were wrong would be like saying we made it up. However, no announcement was made and that was followed up by McGregor saying he hadn’t met with Lucasfilm and that nothing was being set up before 2020. So what happened, you are asking.

Simple, Ewan McGregor and Lucasfilm are out to destroy us. They are super scared of us and our readers. That’s right, they are afraid if us all! They know we’re the most popular Star Wars scoop site on the Internet and we can prove that by buying consistent advertisement time on Collider’s Jedi Council every week for eternity.

I know what you are going to ask: but how can you afford that when so far none of your scoops seem to have panned out? Easy. Ad hits on our website from you constantly clicking to see what we’re going to make u–what our totally legit sources are going to scoop next. Also, our readers are stupidly blind to reality. You’d think they were Trump supporters they’re so blind. It’s amazing. We constantly high-five each other over here at the SWNNOMECB headquarters. Then we run over to our cousin’s at StarWarsNewsNet and ask them how they’re feeling, since they’re an even bigger sham! Some day we hope to be as big a sham as they are.

Anyway, thanks for your support and keep tuning into this site for all the major scoops, sources, and leaks.


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