Rey Fights Kylo Ren

A source we consider to be impeccable has told us through no uncertain terms that Rey, following a period of training with Luke Skywalker, will have to face the enemy she wounded in “The Force Awakens” who may or may not be her lover, brother, cousin, or the person who dropped her off on Jakku. In this face-off that turns violent, Kylo will utter words and Rey will utter words, while Luke is not there to help her or him, depending on which side Luke is on at that point in the movie, and what side she is on, and Kylo is on, if he is even Kylo at that point, perhaps he’s a Sith who has taken a Darth name, because our sources also say he could maybe be a Sith if they’re even doing that, or so our source says because to be a source you have to pretty much say something and we’ll call you a source. Read your comment on Reddit? Source! Read your comment on Twitter? Block you, then source! Anyway, so Rey and Kylo probably face each other and fight, thankfully MakingStarWars has already confirmed this happens so that means our source is 100% right about that part they already reported validating us as a secret site with secret info and sources because that’s how this works, right? Yes. Don’t even bother answering. That’s how it works. So, Kylo and Rey fight and one or more of them win or lose whichever. Stay tuned for more! Please keep coming back so we can buy ad time on Collider Jedi Council and have them unnaturally call us “great aggregators” who have our own “scoops” and “sources.”


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