Kylo Ren the idealist; Vader’s secret; Snoke’s plan; the last Jedi

Today a source told me from inside my head that Kylo Ren is not someone who hungers for power but instead someone who, in “The Last Jedi” is revealed to believe Luke Skywalker is in possession of a dark side secret that will bring balance to the Force. We discover, through a series of visions throughout the movie, from both Rey and Kylo, that the Jedi discovered this truth in the lowest levels of Coruscant and kept it hidden. Later, after Anakin Skywalker turned on the Jedi, he discovered it and took it with him to Mustafar and kept it inside a vault in his castle (we saw this castle in “Rogue One”). When the Empire fell, Luke went to his father’s castle and discovered this secret and kept it hidden in the new Jedi temple on Jakku. Snoke, who had been an ally and student of Vader’s during the Empire’s reign, and in possession of strong Force powers of insight, sensed the secret in Vader and attempted to steal it before anyone else could, but arrived after Luke already ransacked Vader’s castle. From that point on he spent decades formulating a plan, believing the Force would give him the opportunity to have this secret too. When Ben Solo was born, Snoke put his plan into action, manipulating the young man until he turned against Luke. Unfortunately, Kylo and the Knights of Ren wiped out the Jedi Temple looking for the secret, but found nothing since Luke had already sensed someone was looking for it and moved it off the planet. This secret brought Luke to find the original Journal of the Whills on Ach-To and learn a terrible truth that changed everything he believes…

Palpatine, Vader, Snoke, and Kylo Ren were right. The Jedi Order has to end. The light side corrupts because people who utilize it eventually believe themselves infallible and they allow terrible things to happen to good people. The dark side is righteous and incorruptible. Stay tuned for more super secret sources!


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